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Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi Recipe (Persian Herb Stew)

Khoresh Ghormeh Sabzi is one of the methods of preparing Qorme Sabzi, this is a traditional Iranian stew, but with the difference that meat is not used in its preparation and you can add mushrooms. This stew is very suitable for vegetarians and vegans, or even for people who do not like the taste of meat. But the taste of this always delicious stew with mushrooms is also very good. Vegetarians or vegetarians have changed their lifestyle and avoid eating red meat, poultry, seafood, etc. They want to do the least harm to the earth's ecosystem, but they must be careful with their diet so as not to harm the body. Therefore, they should find the right protein and replace it so that the immune system is not weakened.

Necessary ingredients for preparing vegetarian vegetable soup with mushrooms

500 grams of green vegetables

1 onion

Mushrooms 1 cup

Red beans 1/2 cup

Saffron in the required amount

4 lemons

Salt, black pepper, turmeric, stew spices as needed

How to prepare delicious vegetarian vegetable soup with mushrooms and red beans

First step: preparation

Chop the green vegetables beforehand and fry them with good oil until the vegetables change color. Frying the vegetables is the most important part of preparing a delicious stew. Soak the red lovia for 12 hours and change the water several times to remove the swelling.

Second step: frying the onion

First, peel the onion and cut it into small pieces or small pieces and fry it in a pot with a little oil and turmeric until it becomes light and glassy. Wash and slice the mushrooms, or if they are very small, you can Pour it properly into the pot and fry well with hot onion and a little black pepper until the mushroom is light and juicy.

The third step: cooking vegetable vegetable soup

Next, add the fried gourma vegetables and fry with the ingredients and add the red beans that you previously boiled with some water and discard the red water, stir and pour a few glasses of water and increase the heat first. until it boils, then leave the heat low and the lid of the pot half open so that your delicious vegetable stew fits.

Fourth step: adding Omani lemon

Cut the lemons in half from the middle and remove the core of the lemons and soak them in lukewarm water for 30 minutes until the bitterness is removed, then add salt and a little saffron in the last 20 minutes of the vegetable stew and when it thickens well, Heat and eat with rice. Enjoy your meal

Key points in preparing vegetarian vegetable soup with mushrooms

If you like, instead of adding Omani lemon, you can add fresh lemon juice or water at the end.

Some people like to add paste to their vegetable soup, which you can pour 1 tbsp as you like.

Be sure to half-cook the red lovia so that the color of your vegetable soup remains bright and green.

You can increase or decrease the amount of mushrooms as desired.


alo recipes
alo recipes A website for share the great recipes , and a recipe finder.

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