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Ramin Yazdani

Night Tour Bosphorus


In this article, we want to talk about one of the attractions of Istanbul, which are bosphorus night tours. Istanbul bosphorus tour by night has many fans among tourists, and participation in this tour will definitely be an unforgettable memory, especially as it coincides with the celebration on the boat from the stunning sights of Istanbul (Ortaköy Mosque and Pierre Loti, Dolmabahçe Palace, Bosphorus Bridge and ...) you will enjoy under the city lights. The full bosphorus tour by night of Istanbul takes place on the calm waters of the Bosphorus River, which has beautiful nights.

One of the attractions of Istanbul and the fun and memorable activities that you must experience on your trip to Istanbul is the bosphorus night tour Istanbul, which can create a unique memory for you.

The city of Istanbul, due to its coastal location and proximity to the Bosphorus Strait, has provided an opportunity for sea recreation, including boating.

These Istanbul bosphorus night tours, which are also known as the bosphorus night tour, bosphorus tour by night, full bosphorus tour by night, bosphorus night tour Istanbul, Istanbul bosphorus night tour, are held in the dark and at night, often from 8:00 to 12:00, and are accompanied by music, dancing, dinner, and happy programs.

In Istanbul, there are different cruise ships that sail every night on the beautiful Bosphorus Strait.

These ships differ from each other based on the number of capacity and facilities of the ship. Large capacity ships are often more popular and have more diverse programs than other ships.

Types of Istanbul boat tours

Istanbul ship bosphorus night tour is divided into 2 categories of Turkish and non-Turkish ships, which we will introduce each of these ships below:

Night tour of the Arabic ship in Istanbul

In this ship bosphorus tour by night tour, all programs and singers and live music are Arabic. Also, the participants in these ships are Arab families.

Arab ships in Istanbul often have a more reasonable price than international ships, and the price range of this Arab cruise ship is between 30 and 50 euros.

International Istanbul ferry tour

This Istanbul ship bosphorus night tour, as its name suggests, is related to international companies and many tourists from different countries participate in it.

The international cruise ships of the Bosphorus Strait are divided into 2 categories: Turkish ships and European ships.

The programs of this ship bosphorus tour by night include group dances and the performance of happy programs and foreign music.

The price of these ships is between 40 and 80 euros.

Turkish ships have Turkish programs and dances.

The good quality of catering on international ships and its programs will record a lasting night for you.

To experience a lasting night in the Bosphorus, as Manolya Tours, we recommend the Bosphorus Turkish Night Show full bosphorus tour by night and the Turkish Dinner.

Istanbul ferry tour reservation

When you arrive in Istanbul, you will be offered to buy these Istanbul ferry tours from the airline agency and tour leaders.

Even while walking on İstiklal Street, you will be offered suggestions for booking a ferry tour to Istanbul.

Due to the mediation of tour leaders and agencies, you have to pay higher prices to buy a Istanbul ferry tour.

As Manolya Tours, our suggestion is to buy the ticket directly from the agency, so that you can buy the ticket at the lowest price and without intermediaries.

One of these sites is the site of Manolya Tours Company, which is one of the direct organizers of the Istanbul ferry tour, which has sold and booked the Istanbul ferry tour.

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Ramin Yazdani
Ramin Yazdani

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