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Ramin Yazdani

The Best Turkish Night Show Cruise


The Best Turkish Night Show Cruise


What is Turkish Night Show?

Turkish Night Show is a special night in which Turkish traditions and cuisine are served. Usually, this activity takes place in a restaurant or on the Bosphorus between the two continents Asia and Europe. On these tours, you will have chance to experience Turkish cuisine and culture as well as have a lot of fun.

As Manolya Tours, we strongly recommend you to do Turkish Night Show Cruise on our Bosphorus cruise.

The most popular Turkish Night Cruise is the TurkishNight Show Cruise, Bosphorus Cruise Arabic Night Show, Private Standard YachtTour in İstanbul, Private Luxury Yacht Tour in İstanbul.

On this Turkish night cruise Istanbul, you will enjoy a traditional Turkish dinner and two continents on a three hours dinner cruise during Bosphorus Dinner Cruise & Turkish Night Show. The night time excursion along the Bosphorus takes you past the most iconic landmarks of both the Asian and European sides of the İstanbul city.

On the Turkish night show on the Bosphorus and dinner cruise, you will enjoy live belly dancing, folk dancing, roman dance, kafkas dance and whirling dervish performances. There will be a live DJ performance and people from all over the World.

What to Expect?

If you are looking for the best Turkish Night Cruise Istanbul, you can choose Turkish Night show cruise, which is offered and arranged by highly skilled tourism professionals that are specialized in Turkish Night Show on the Bosphorus and dinner cruise under the brand name Manolya Tours. Manolya Tours always present you the best option to make your visit memorable.


Standard Dinner Menu

·         Starter

·         Turkish Appetizer Mezze Plate

·         Hot Appetizers

·         The Speciality of the Day

·         Main Dishes: Grilled Chicken Breast or Grilled Seasonal Fish Fillets or Grilled Meatballs served with rice and vegetables.

·         Seasonal Fresh Fruits

·         Unlimited local soft drinks

·         Unlimited local alcoholic drinks


Standard programs and shows

·         Turkish Classical Dinner Music

·         Whirling Dervish Show

·         Turkish Traditional Folk Dance

·         Henna Ceremony

·         Belly Dancing

·         Turkish Traditional Dance II

·         Romany Dance

·         Kafkas Dance

·         DJ Music.


One of the best Turkish night cruise Istanbul with entertainment is Turkish night show cruise provided by Manolya Tours.

You'll both have a magnificent 3-hour on one of the largest and most opulent ships, enjoy delectable appetizers, dinner, and dessert, and have a terrific time out while taking in the range of fantastic shows.

The Turkish night show cruise always offer big and luxurious cruise boat, unlimited local soft drinks and alcoholic drinks such as local beer and wine.

During Turkish Night Cruise, you will also experience the city's attractiveness by capturing the stunning nighttime views of some of Istanbul's main sights, such as the Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Dolmabahçe Palace, Beylerbeyi Palace, Maiden's Tower, and Bosphorus Bridge.

Manolya Tour Travel Agency also offer you hotel pick-up and drop off with air-conditioned transportation form the city center hotels on the European side.

This travel agency has very good reviews and badge of excellence. Therefore, we always suggest the tourist to take tours form the Manolya Tour Travel Agency.

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Ramin Yazdani
Ramin Yazdani

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