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Instagram Marketing Mistakes That Threaten Your Business!

If you do not know marketing on Instagram well and you think you have mistakes that have caused this to happen, it is better to join us in this article.

Here are three important marketing mistakes on Instagram. So do not miss this article in any way.

Many images and video clips are uploaded daily by different people on the virtual pages of Instagram.

Interestingly, more than 250 million photos or videos are uploaded to Instagram every day.

The above figures show that marketing on Instagram can show your ads to an incredible amount of people.

Another reason that shows the importance of marketing on Instagram is effective communication between business owners and customers.

Research shows that the effective communication rate on Instagram is more than 40 times that of other social networks.

However, the volume of marketers in this virtual application is only about 30%.

This statistic shows that you can get a good position by entering and working on Instagram.

On the other hand, more than 60% of people interested in a particular brand follow its virtual pages on Instagram.


In 2018, Instagram added a new feature to its mobile app. Put the hashtag in the bio to be clicked and follow the posts related to that hashtag.

For example, if you use a hashtag of a brand that is related to your own brand or business, you can direct your audience to more content about yourself.

The following profile is a good example of the correct use of hashtags in Bio Instagram.


Marketing Mistakes on Instagram: Posting without having a Content Strategy

Many people post random contents that have no specific connection to their strategy.

Instead of posting random content or paying attention to what your audience is looking for, you should be careful to follow your own strategy.

To do this, first, go to Instagram Analytics and if you do not know anything about this, first read the How Can I Analyze Instagram Pages with Insights tool.

Then review your previous posts to compare and analyze your audience’s response to different types of media (text or video), topics (business or entertainment), and their final impact (advertising or support).

Once you know what criteria meet your needs, you can get help from your successful posts and produce visual content with similar elements.

Instagram Analytics shows that your audience is more interested in tips about health and fitness that teach them how to eat right without feeling weak, cut back on meals, or skip meals.

You can write a post about how we like what we eat but lose weight simultaneously.

Then, instead of generating irrelevant content, use the part of your post that matches your analytics results to generate other visual content.

And in this way, get rid of irrelevant posts that have no use other than disrupting your page strategy and discouraging and throwing followers.

Prioritize the Number of Followers Instead of their Participation

Another misconception is that as the number of audiences increases, so does the number of customers.

At the same time, it does not matter whether the previous audience has become a customer or not!

Here, the quality of the audience takes precedence over the quantity. The solution is not to increase the number of followers but to provide current followers to become customers.

This is possible by understanding why the current audience is following you.

Talk to your audience! Reply to every comment, chat with everyone in your direct message, and follow all the answers to your polls.

If you want to justify yourself by making an excuse that “I like to talk to others, but no one talks to me or leaves a comment,” you must first answer the question of how many comments you have written to others.

We believe in the X10 Rule: If you want someone to write a comment for you, write ten comments in other people’s posts, and similarly, if you want someone to direct you, send a direct message to 10 people.

When you interact with your followers, you get to know them better, and when you get to know them better, you realize how much better it is to talk to them and finally figure out how to help them.

So if you ever need more customers, get rid of the idea of increasing the number of followers.

Instead, have an in-depth and practical conversation with your current audience and solve their problems.

This way, among the many pages that offer a similar service or product, you will be the only choice of your audience because you know them deeply, talk to them and help them in different ways.

Many today look at Instagram as a task that should be handled automatically.

They schedule everything, but in the end, they forget to respond to comments, and this keeps them from interacting on Instagram, which is very important.

Once marketers see Instagram as a way to build mass communication as a sales tool, they can use the power of connecting with their audience.

However, these audiences have a better chance of becoming a customer and introducing other customers to your page.



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