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12 Way to Increase Story Engagement

I did not write this article for those who think they can buy everything with money.

But if you are looking to increase the engagement to your story page, with real and guaranteed methods, this article is for you.

Everything is possible in this world. You can also increase your story engagement with the methods we will tell you.

Stories are much more common these days than regular posts. So you have to do your best to increase the story engagement.

The methods we tell you about here are ways to increase the number of views of your Instagram story.

Did you know that when users search for hashtags, related stories are also displayed? So never forget the hashtags in the story.

Try to use popular and of course related hashtags. Related to the persona of the audience. For example, see what followers are most looking for?

If you are looking to increase your page views and page interaction, be sure to use the popular and hot hashtags.

If you have a business profile, use the hashtags for a while to notice a change in the number of views of the Instagram story.

Use Instagram free Hashtag Generator to find the best Hashtags for your brand and business.

If you have attended a conference, collaborated with a brand, or your story is related to a specific person, be sure to mention or tag them.

This will increase the visibility of the stories and the interaction of the people. And most likely, that brand will publish your story on its own page. I suggest you try this method.

When you add a location in the story, your post will be displayed in Explorer for users in that area.

So if your story is about a specific location, be sure to include it in the story. If not, try different locations to increase engagement.

To add a location, enter the stickers section and select the LOCATION option. Then search for the area you want.

To increase the number of views of the story, you need to know when the followers check most of their Instagram. In this article, we will tell you the best time to post on Instagram.

You often put more than a few stories on your page. As you probably know, many users also leave a story when they see it.

So to increase story viewing, encourage users to see future stories.

The simplest thing is to ask them to see the next story. Or put the half-finished story in one story and continue it in the next story!

Most followers are looking for entertainment content, especially in the story! Experience has shown that stories have the most views that are entertaining.

For example, prepare serial stories. Be in a row and, for example, continue part of it for another day.

The kind of content that followers really like is behind the scenes. For example, if you have a business, publish behind the scenes about jobs and employees.

Or, if you are a blogger, tell stories about your personal life (those that can be published, of course).

But to increase user engagement, I suggest you read the article on increasing user engagement in the story.

We all wanted to be heard! That one listens to our words. Now, if he puts them into practice, how much better!

So when you poll users in a story to get their word out, you both become more popular with them and they wait for your posts and stories.

After the poll in the story, do not miss it with the help of miracle stickers. Read our How to use story stickers article to complete your information in this field.

You have to be content in posting, but not in storytelling! Of course, I do not mean to put a story every 5 minutes !!

But try to have at least 1 or 2 stories a day in your content calendar. But be careful not to leave duplicate stories. Prioritize and plan cool, engaging stories.

Well, as you know and we know, Stories are only shown for 24 hours. This means that after this time, your story will not be displayed on the feed page.

But there is a solution and that is to highlight. Highlights keep stories on your profile page. After that, anyone who enters your page forever can see the stories.

How do I highlight a story? When you open the story, you will see the Highlight option at the bottom right of the page.

Click on it and choose a name and a cover for it. Users see the highlight at the top of your page with its name and cover. So be very careful in choosing these two options!

Use the Download Instagram Highlights tools to download highlights and create archives.

The insight tool helps you increase the number of Instagram story views. How? Insight has a section that shows information and statistics of stories.

This means that if you use this tool, you can see how many times each story has been viewed, how many accounts have been visited, and in short, how many followers have liked your story.



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