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Comprehensive Guide to Run Successful Instagram Contest

With more than 400 million monthly active users and more than 90 million posts per day, Instagram has become one of the best networks for internet business marketing.

With this network, you can increase your users’ interaction and bring your Internet business closer to its goals.

An Instagram contest is one of the things that help increase user engagement, But launching an Instagram contest has its own rules and complexities that you must follow all the rules to have a successful Instagram contest.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how to run an Instagram contest, which you can use to increase the engagement of your Instagram page users.

Increasing the users’ engagement of an Instagram page means increasing the online business audience and sales of products or services.

The most important thing for Internet businesses is branding! Branding means introducing your business brand to more users.

There are a lot of people participating in the Instagram contest, and each of them sees your brand name over and over again.

One of the best ways to increase the audience of a business is to hold an Instagram contest and use it to develop your business.

To market an online business on Instagram, you need to try to challenge your audience and invite them to participate in your page using different methods.

Creating an Instagram contest is a kind of challenge and participation for users that you can not only increase user interaction but also help increase your business customer persona.

To run a successful Instagram contest, you need to follow some frameworks and rules to achieve the most success in your campaign.

What are these frameworks, and how can they be implemented in an Instagram contest?

In the next section, we will examine it in full.

Holding an Instagram contest requires knowing some tips and frameworks. Also, holding an Instagram contest must also be scheduled to be able to reach your goal! What is your goal in holding an Instagram contest?

Having a goal is the first step in launching an Instagram contest; Here are 12 key points that will help you succeed in the Instagram contest:

  • Determining the Purpose of Holding an Instagram Contest

You must have a goal to do everything in your internet business. In fact, you can’t measure your success without a goal!

There should be a goal for you in the Instagram contest as well; This goal is different for each Instagram page, and these differences make the method of holding an Instagram contest different for each business.

Your goal should be in line with the goal of your business and the interest of your followers!

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to increase the number of new followers or increase the interaction of current users, it’s just important to have a goal.

Some of these goals are:

  • Increase the followers of an Instagram page

  • Increase user engagement

  • Branding for different businesses

  • Increase sales of a business product

These 4 goals are the most important goals of different businesses by launching an Instagram contest; As an Instagram page manager or business manager, set your goal by launching an Instagram contest.

Your goal could be one or more of the above! It doesn’t matter how big you are, it’s important to set goals and write them down on a piece of paper. Finally, you can measure your success rate for specific goals.

  • Know your Target Audience

  • Who is the audience of your Instagram page and what posts are you most interested in?

  • Take a look at your Instagram page! Which posts have your users interact with the most?

In other words, which posts did they like the most and comment on? Some posts are always more popular with users on one page, and others are less attractive to users.

More interaction in some posts and less user interaction with other posts is a sign to use in your Instagram contest!

The post that received the most likes is the most popular among your followers, and the subject of your Instagram contest can be based on your favorite posts. If your Instagram page is about an online business, you need to know your business audience as well; For example, if they make up a specific section of the community and you need to increase your Instagram page followers, you should use resources that have such a target audience when advertising.

Suppose you want to increase the number of followers on a restaurant page; For this page, you can advertise on the cooking pages, people who are active in the field of food testing, and in general the pages that work in the field of cooking and restaurants.

Determine the reason! Your target audience is people who follow the pages of restaurants, cooking, and so on, and when you advertise on those pages, you can easily increase your followers targeted.

On the other hand, if you work in a specific city, you should use the pages that have the largest audience in that city.

  • 3. Specify How users Participate in the Instagram Contest

What methods do you use to attract Instagram contestants? There are many ways for users to participate in the Instagram contest, but the methods vary according to your purpose.

Some contests are created to increase user engagement on the same page, but others aim to increase the number of followers on that page.



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