4 major factors to Analyze Instagram Marketing

The conversion rate is the most critical factor in Instagram marketing analytics; you must know how successful you have been in converting your Instagram followers to website users and then determine the conversion rate of your website users to your business customers or clients.

Some businesses convert these two steps into one step; in fact, they analyze the conversion rate of Instagram followers to business customers or clients – the higher the conversion rate is, the higher your sales will be.

When users log in to your website through your Instagram profile page, their chances of becoming actual customers or clients are high.

When users log in, they intend to make a purchase, and the decision to buy what they require from the website depends entirely on how successful your website is.

If your website has a simple online shopping process and users can easily purchase, your sales rates will increase.

Experience has shown that many users intend to make their purchases via Instagram, so they ask you some questions in the comments or direct messaging section. They want to learn more about how to buy your product or service.

These users are among the most important followers and they are likely to make a purchase or place an order and by fully answering their questions, you may very easily sell your products or services to them.

Suppose that you sell handbags on Instagram which is directly done through Instagram marketing.

Suppose that based on Instagram Marketing Analytics, from approximately 180 direct messages, 75 purchases are made now you want to boost your sales.

For this, you’ll need to hire another tailor to produce the ordered bags, which will also cost you money, so you need to have over 100 sales instead of 75 to be able to afford your new tailor.


What do You Need in Order to Boost Your Business Sales Through Instagram Marketing?

In the previous example, the business owner must find a way to increase sales rates; there are various methods to do so:

  • Produce more content and encourage users & followers to purchase products.

  • Increase the number of users & followers of the business’s Instagram profile page.

  • Launch an online Instagram competition and thereby boost sales.

  • Or choose another approach!

In order to be able to choose the best approach and get good feedback, the business owner has to apply Instagram Marketing Analysis.

A Sales Funnel is a tool that helps you identify your users’ decrease stages. Please take a look at the following Marketing & Sales Funnel:

This image contains valuable information that tells you at precisely which stage, the users have stopped following you or simply left your online sales process.

  • Saw (Reach): This section shows the number of users who have seen (visited) your Instagram profile page. This is usually a large number; if users or followers interact with your profile page, they will enter the next step of your funnel, but if users do not have any interactions with your profile page, they will be removed from your Instagram Marketing Funnel. Note that this section is about the number of visitors to your profile (not the number of profile views) – that is referred to as Reach in the Instagram Analytics section.

  • Started Following: Some users from the previous section will follow your Instagram profile page; this means that users are entering the second section of your Marketing Funnel and some of the users of this section will enter the next section of your Instagram Marketing Funnel.

  • Contact: Some of the users that have entered the previous section will send you direct messages and ask you some questions. However, these questions or inquiries may also be asked through website support tools (such as an online support chat tool) which fall into the same category. If at this point, the user gets satisfactory answers to his/her questions and needs that product, he/she will purchase your products or services. This user or follower will be included in the next section of your Instagram Marketing Funnel.

  • Purchased: This is the final stage, which involves a much smaller number of users or followers compared to the first stage (Saw)! So you should try to attract more visitors to your profile page in order to get more out of your Instagram Marketing Funnel. It is true that the users in the final stage of the Funnel are much fewer, but your sales rate will still be high and this issue has a great impact on your Instagram strategy.

The Instagram Marketing Funnel helps you to know what stage of the Funnel has had the largest number of user or follower losses, and this will help you develop a good strategy for your Instagram plans.

We mentioned a few approaches to increase your sales for handbags, and based on your Instagram Marketing Funnel analysis, you can easily find the right solution; This solution may be the right solution for you, or maybe using a combination of multiple solutions will help you most.

You can set up your Instagram Marketing Funnel manually or utilize different tools. Either way, you need to have your Instagram page data and reports available.

To access this information (especially the first to third Funnel stages) you may use the Instagram Insights tool.



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