How to share Instagram video on YouTube


You can't directly share an Instagram video to YouTube, but there are a couple of ways to get your Instagram video on YouTube:

  1. Download and Upload:

    • Save the Instagram video to your phone or computer. There isn't a built-in download option on Instagram, but you can use third-party tools. Be sure to check copyright restrictions before downloading someone else's video.
    • Use a video editing app to edit or resize the video if needed. YouTube recommends videos in landscape format (16:9 aspect ratio) for standard videos and 9:16 for YouTube Shorts.
    • Upload the edited video to your YouTube channel.
  2. Use a video editing tool:

    • Several online video editing tools allow you to import your Instagram video, edit it, and then download it as a new video file. These tools can also help you resize the video for YouTube.
    • Popular options include Kapwing, VEED, etc.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you have the rights to share the video. If it's not your video, get permission from the creator before uploading it to YouTube.
  • Add a title, description, and tags to your YouTube video to help people find it.

Shotinsta is a free online service that allows you to download videos from Instagram. It is a popular tool among users who want to save videos to their devices or share them on other platforms.


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