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12 Best Music Learning Apps For Android (+Download Link)

If you are interested in learning music, but you cannot attend music classes for any reason, you can use music learning applications.

Most people enjoy listening to music and many of them even like to be trained in this field and play it themselves. Participating in music classes may not be possible for everyone due to various reasons, including financial problems, time constraints, or illness. In such cases, you can use music learning applications available for different platforms and choose the time and place of learning yourself.

Yousician music learning app

In order to learn music well, we suggest you to start your work with the Yousician music learning application. This app teaches you important aspects of playing piano, guitar, ukulele, bass and even singing and can help you master music tips and tricks just like a music teacher. Perhaps the best feature about this app is that it lets you play thousands of songs with real instruments. This music learning app gives feedback on your timing and accuracy in playing a song and allows users to learn step-by-step by watching instructional videos. In addition, you can slow down the speed of the song and practice in the practice mode, or practice a section of the song and then play it in full.

Vanido music learning app

Another music learning program is Vanido, which can help you improve your singing skills and check and give feedback on your singing in real time. This application offers you a personalized experience of learning music with daily lessons. Since each exercise is designed based on a goal, you can strengthen different skills and aspects of your reading such as head and chest voice or flexibility by performing each one. Just like a real teacher, this app also gives you important tips to improve your skills. In addition to recording your progress and your strengths, Vanido also identifies the skills you need to work on more.

MuseScore app

MuseScore music learning software can help musicians master the music they love. This software is a free and powerful music notation software that is very easy to use. In addition, the user interface of this application is very beautiful and allows you to play and listen to the music you have written. You can use this example of music learning software to write suitable notes for piano, percussion instruments and even guitar tablature. In addition to notation and tablature, you can use this program to add text and lyrics to your music.

EarMaster program – Music Theory & Ear Training

EarMaster music note learning software includes a suitable range of questions related to listening and education in the field of music, which provides every music learner with the opportunity to learn topics from beginners to more advanced levels of musical listening awareness. You can use different parts of the program according to your level in music. This program is designed to build and develop your listening skills in identifying the rhythm and pitch of sounds. For this purpose, EarMaster teaches users from the basic level such as basic understanding of rhythm and pitch to more advanced levels such as chord, interval or dimension and weight reading.

READ MUSIC music learning software

The READ MUSIC sheet music learning program focuses more on teaching weight reading and teaches several key aspects including rhythm and melody. The lessons in this software for learning musical notes are brief and do not take much time. So you can continue your fun even with your busy work schedule. Considering that the exercises in this program are targeted, each exercise focuses on improving certain aspects of weight lifting. One of the very good features of this application is the melodic reading exercises for piano and keyboard, which makes learning music enjoyable. In addition, the READ MUSIC program also provides users with suitable exercises to improve the ability to recognize the five carrier lines.

Piano application - Play Unlimited Songs

Among other music learning applications, we can mention Piano – Play Unlimited Songs, which is very suitable for people who are very interested in piano. You can choose and practice your favorite songs from the long list of songs in this program in different music genres. Since new songs are constantly being added to the app, you can always look forward to learning and practicing new songs.

Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons app

This guitar learning app has many lovely features, including a well-organized tutorial designed to teach basic guitar chords, strumming patterns, fingerstyle, capo, chord changes, steps, and tablature. These courses under the training of Justin (application instructor) will be very useful for beginner users, so that they can benefit from more than 50 training courses. Having a system for self-evaluation, this application makes it very easy for users to track their progress in playing the guitar. The program Justin Guitar Beginner Lessons with its collection of 1000 songs leaves you free to choose songs.


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