There are many ways to make Windows and Android operating systems work together. One of these methods is to display the Android phone .....
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The Best Android Apps To Block YouTube Ads (+Download Link)

YouTube is a free service and relies on advertising dollars to continue its activity. Advertisements are displayed widely and in different ways on YouTube, and statistics show that this Google-owned platform earns tens of billions of dollars annually from advertisements.

YouTube has more than two billion monthly users, making it an attractive platform for advertising companies. However, if the ads are displayed excessively or in an annoying way, they can discourage the user. A number of YouTubers place several ads in their videos to increase their income, but this leads to the frustration of users and many may be prompted to delete their YouTube account.

Fortunately, removing YouTube ads is not a difficult task, and by doing a series of methods, watching video content can be made more exciting. In the meantime, keep in mind that advertising is one of the main ways of earning content producers on YouTube, and in order to support YouTube's monetization model, it is better to keep ads active.

How to remove YouTube ads on mobile

A reliable way to prevent the display of ads on YouTube is to use applications designed for this purpose (called Adblocker). Various applications are suggested to block ads on mobile. If desired, the user can also use the browser extension.

Such methods make advertising content unavailable not only on YouTube but also on other websites. The right adblocker service will help you block pop-up ads, banners, redirect ads, and tracking systems that suggest new content based on your online behavior.

Keep in mind that not all AdBlocker services remove YouTube ads completely. That's why finding the right adblocker is important. In addition, such applications usually have a subscription plan, and in order to use all the features, you have to pay a certain monthly amount to access them.

After finding the desired application, you must create an account and, if necessary, prepare a subscription plan. Next, you need to activate the AdBlocker service on your smartphone or in your browser. For example, in the iPhone Safari browser, you should go to the settings menu and go to Safari > General > Content Blockers. Finally, activate the option next to the AdBlocker service.

How to find the best application to remove YouTube ads

Finding the most suitable adblocker service is not an easy task, especially in the Apple ecosystem. By default, the products that Apple makes have a series of features to protect privacy, but the number of adblocker services and blocking services for tracking systems in Apple products is not very high. Using various applications to increase safety can be a good measure.

On iOS, the user can only block ads in the Safari browser with the help of Safari plugins or content blockers. The question is how to find these services? Apple's online store (called the App Store) lists all approved applications. You can find the best apps by searching for Block Ads in the App Store.

The best YouTube ad removal application is a service that removes pop-up ads, banners, fake ad closing options, etc. at the same time. When all the unnecessary elements are blocked, the loading speed of web pages will also increase.

Before choosing the YouTube ad removal application, make sure that the service has the ability to block ad tracking systems. Most of the adblockers block these systems, but in some of these applications, the user must act through the settings menu. A series of Adblocker applications generally do not provide such a feature. We recommend blocking ad tracking services, as this will make your browsing experience more private.

One of the interesting features that can increase the quality of AdBlocker is the possibility of adding a domain or email address to the whitelist. This feature allows the ad removal app to still receive messages from sources you trust. By whitelisting popular websites, you can still support their monetization method.

Finally, be sure to pay attention to the size of the YouTube ad removal application. A number of applications occupy a lot of space or drain the phone's battery at a high speed. Be sure to read the description section or the comments left by users before downloading the application.

These recommendations are general ways to find the best YouTube ad removal app, however, it is better to have a preliminary look at them. Each user prioritizes a set of characteristics over others. For example, someone may be interested in the simplicity of the application, and another person may go for an application with the most features. A group of users may be looking for a free and open source service instead of paid applications.

The best apps to remove YouTube ads

Google Play and App Store are home to many ad removal apps, but some of them don't work properly. In the following, we introduce examples that have already been reviewed and you can easily download and install them.


Known among users as the "Uber of cyber security", Clario has a lot to say about keeping users safe online. Clario is one of the best ad blocking apps for iPhone because it does more than just block browser ads.

Clario also has a built-in VPN service, tracks the disclosure of password databases and allows you to increase the security of your Instagram account with a series of security features.

The interesting thing is that Clario is a simple application and you don't need special training to work with it. This application has a simple user interface and 600 people in the customer service department are available 24 hours a day to help the user.


1Blocker is based on a simple user interface and the user can activate its various features through the available options. 1Blocker is equipped with a variety of ad blocking services and you can set your own rules to block specific URLs. It is also possible to synchronize 1Blocker settings among different devices through iCloud.

The only downside to 1Blocker is that the large number of features may confuse users a bit at first, but fortunately, the app's straightforward user interface makes it less confusing.

The 1Blocker application integrates with Safari and thanks to this feature, it does not affect the phone's battery charge. 1Blocker doesn't access your browsing data, so you don't need to worry about your privacy.


AdGuard is also one of the customizable applications that allows you to remove YouTube ads. The user can choose the items he wants to block through a ready list. You can whitelist the websites you are interested in.

AdGuard application professionally protects the user from ad tracking services to maintain privacy. This application on the iOS platform improves the performance of Safari four times, and this browser consumes less energy from the phone's battery.


AdBlock, which has a built-in DNS proxy service, always checks that the domains you are visiting are safe and allows you to block content locally. Reviews show that AdBlock can block 99% of video ads, banners, and pop-up ads.

If desired, the user can customize the AdBlock application with various options. These options are applied simultaneously to all versions of this application. AdBlock protects privacy, minimizes bandwidth usage, and reduces battery power consumption.


A number of security applications have a negative effect on the device's performance rather than being beneficial for the device. You don't need to worry about this when using Ka-Block. Ka-Block lets you check its code to make sure it doesn't do anything malicious on the device. Ka-Block includes a system to block ads and known tracking systems.


BlockBear is one of the best options if you are tired of overloading websites and want to get rid of ads that cover the entire screen of your phone. With various settings inside the user interface, you can remove ads and tracking systems and even the option of social networks.

BlockBear allows you to whitelist the websites you want through the Safari plugin. This application maintains privacy by blocking cookies and has a very straightforward user interface. BlockBear is a fast and lightweight app that makes websites load up to five times faster than normal.


AdLock takes a tough approach to blocking ads, malware, and the like. This app removes all ads without exception, even ads that are allowed by the ad policy. Thanks to AdLock, YouTube ad removal is done in an optimal way and you can watch videos for hours.

AdLock also block ads youtube from social media and content streaming websites. Although AdLock brutally removes ads, it does not negatively impact your browsing experience and still allows you to access the content you want.


Androidtechniq There are many ways to make Windows and Android operating systems work together. One of these methods is to display the Android phone .....

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