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10 Best Piano Learning Apps For Android (+Download Link)

Perfect Piano

Perfect Piano currently has the highest rating among piano simulators; In addition to thousands of educational scores, this smart piano simulator also allows you to communicate with other beginner pianists around the world!

There are weekly challenges that allow you to compete with other users. If you are not very competitive, you can form a group with your friends and in this way support each other and share the songs you have worked on.

This program supports USB MIDI keyboard. So when you're ready to work with a real piano, Perfect Piano can help you transfer data; This app comes with a widget that allows you to press keyboard keys on your phone's home screen without opening the app!

Simply Piano

Simply Piano was considered one of the best iPhone apps in 2016 and the developers are constantly improving and working on it. This app is also available for Android users and is a great tool for piano players at any level.

Simply Piano has the ability to record everything you play in sync with a real piano or keyboard. In addition, it immediately reacts to your action. Just place the phone on your piano and start playing. simply! This application, which won the award of the United Nations World Summit, really has a positive effect on piano playing skills.

Piano Free-Keyboard with Magic Tiles Music Games

The title of this application may be a little long, but it has very interesting features that will improve your piano playing skills in the shortest possible time. This application, which is available for both Android and IOS users, has the same capabilities as other piano simulator training programs, and you can practice by reading different scores and chords with its help. It also allows you to record the song you are playing! Recording tasks is a surefire way to improve your skills, and this program provides you with this opportunity in a creative and interesting way.

What is very interesting in this program is that you can choose one of the different instruments to play back the recorded work. Therefore, it is possible to hear the piece you played on the accordion, harp, cello and other instruments.


Yousician is designed to help you learn piano, guitar, bass or ukulele just like a real music teacher! You can work on a real piano at the same time as learning the piano lessons that this program offers you and measure your progress and how you play; This program has attractive features such as weekly challenges and music theory training.

Yousician is designed by piano teachers and taught as supplementary lessons in face-to-face classes around the world, so you can rest assured about the educational level of this program.

Real Piano Teacher

Real Piano Teacher is known as one of the best Android piano programs, the second version of which has more diverse features such as attractive and fun games, different instruments and hundreds of wonderful educational lessons.

In game mode, you can compete with your family members or friends to see who can play the songs better. In addition, there are many interesting songs in different genres that you can choose from; If you enjoy playing pop music, this program has great features for you.

Learning to read notes on the piano Notes Trainer

It should be noted that learning the piano is not just about memorizing the keys of the songs. Notes Trainer piano software works with you more on the basics such as knowing chords and reading music notes seamlessly. If you are one of those who like to learn step by step and principles, this program is definitely one of the best options for a professional piano training program.


In order to play the piano better than others, the ability to read musical notes is essential! Vivace has interesting tutorials that will help you learn music theory and you will have a reference for reading musical notes; This program is fully adjustable and customizable, so whatever your skill level, it will meet your needs.

Perfect Ear-Ear Trainer

This highly rated Android app uses a different approach to Piano Learning Apps to play the piano. The tutorials of this application teach you how to recognize different chords and rhythms and make you listen to music in a new way.

Perfect Ear uses the solfege method, which is one of the most popular methods of teaching music theory, to recognize different notes and understand how they really fit together.

This app may be a bit more serious than the apps we talked about, but if you want to learn the basics of playing music, you should know that ear training is also very important.


By using this piano training application, you will learn to play the piano correctly and beautifully from the very beginning! Flowkey offers a variety of lessons depending on your playing skill level from beginner to professional. Also, by using a microphone or MIDI connection, you can quickly receive feedback and find out how you are performing.

Androidtechniq There are many ways to make Windows and Android operating systems work together. One of these methods is to display the Android phone .....

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