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Bread Tahdig Recipe (Crispy Persian Rice With Bread)

Tahdig is one of the good ideas to serve besides rice and it’s so crunchy and delicious. It makes your table nice and stylistic and is just lovely. Tahdig is the part of the polo that sticks to the pot bottom and gets finely crispy and toasted. Tahdigs of different kinds including bread tahdig, potato tahdig and tahdig with yoghurt and saffron are popular in Iran.

I suggest that when cooking rice, make your food much more delicious and attractive with this bread tahdig. It only takes a minute or two to put tahdig in the pot you’re going to make steamed rice with and then you can enjoy the persian rice with bread crust.

Persian polo is made in two ways: Abkesh (use colander) and Kateh. In this post, I’m going to explain how to cook rice by Abkesh or Ashpali method. The recipe of bread tahdig (Persian rice with bread crust) is very simple and there’s just a few easy tricks to it.

In this post, I’m going to describe all the tricks you need to have a crispy tahdig. Bread tahdig is similar to potato tahdig and there’s no big differences.

Soaking the rice: Clean the rice well, then rinse it several times and soak it in water for a few hours. If you're short of time (say10 minutes), you'd better soak the rice in warm water.

  • Boiling the water: In a non-stick pot, pour some water and put it on the heat. The amount of water should be enough for two knuckles to be above the rice. Bring the water to a boil.

  • Pour the rice in the boiling water.

  • Add some salt. As for 3 cups of rice roughly one tablespoon of salt will be enough. Stir a bit so as not to let the rice grains stick together.

  • Draining the rice: Having half-cooked the rice, remove it from the heat and pour it into a drain. Rice grains ought not to be too soft, but rather firm. Do not put the lid on the pot. (cook until al dente)As for testing, when you take a grain of rice and place it under your teeth, the inside should still be slightly firm while the outside is cooked. Never allow the rice to cook and soften completely since in the next step they're going to steam and soften nicely.As a general rule, depending on the quality of rice it takes 3 to 5 minutes to get half-cooked. Of course, the cooking time depends on the grade of the rice and the gas heat; some sooner, some later (and some never these days!).

Putting the bread in the pot: To make the bread tahdig, put the non-stick pot on low heat and pour some oil into it. About 4 tablespoons would be enough for a small pot.

Take a thin slice of bread and cut it to the size of the pot. Once the oil is hot, put the bread in the oil to get fried. Fry it slightly on both sides.

Note that it's enough if it's fried slightly, and there's no need to be fried completely. When steaming rice, the bread is going to get brittle and crispy well.

The heat at this stage should be slightly higher than when steaming rice so that the bread could be fried.

  • Waiting for the polo to cook: Put the lid on the pot and wait for the rice to cook and tahdig form on the bottom of the pot.The time to steam rice depends on its quality, but generally it takes some 40 to 60 minutes for the rice to cook and the tahdig to form. In the first 5 minutes, turn the heat up a little bit (just a little) as to let the tahdig form, then turn the heat down so that the rice gets steamed.

  • After the required time, remove the lid and test the rice. If it's cooked evenly, it means it's ready. If you feel it's not cooked yet, put the lid on immediately so that the steam doesn't escape.

  • When your Persian rice with bread tahdig is ready, put it in a dish and then separate tahdig from the pot, cut it, and put it in the dish (as a garnish).


alo recipes
alo recipes A website for share the great recipes , and a recipe finder.

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